Our Services

Intellid offers a variety of services that can be summarized into three categories.  We feel these listed fields generalize what we can do for you, but with a focus on customer satisfaction, Intellid is flexible to your needs and can provide much more.

Control System Programming
Presently programming using Crestron control systems, Intellid utilizes one of the largest control system producers in America.  Using their wide variety of versatile product, Intellid creates seamlessly integrated control systems that are functionally advanced, yet are interfaced simply and aesthetically.

A/V Consulting
Intellid also offers consulting for basic and complex A/V systems.  We can help you decide which TV, projector, plasma display, VCR, DVD, audio amp, etc., work best for attaining your vision.  Letting Intellid provide a project's specifications also ensures maximum compatibility among all peripheral devices.

By combining consulting and programming services together, we can guarantee the greatest functionality out of any system.  Basically, by working from the bottom-up, we are able to understand every detail of the project, and we can even make systematic modifications along the way if the customer feels dissatisfied.

Basic Installation
If Intellid provides your programming and/or consulting, we can also install your multimedia system for you.

The combination of all three (consulting, programming, and installation) naturally can provide the greatest integration and highest satisfaction.