Who is Intellid?

Our Purpose
Intellid provides full programming services for Crestron control systems as well as general A/V consulting with a primary focus on automation.  Complex A/V systems can be confusing enough with several remote controls and operating procedures for every independent device.  Intellid combines all the control through a simple interfaces such as a touchpanel, a set of buttons on the wall, or even securely on your web browser.  What is more important than the simple interfaces, however, is our systems' automation.  To simply watch a DVD with a surround sound system oftentimes requires making sure the display, the receiver/amplifier, and the DVD itself are all set up exactly as they need to be.  It really should just be as simple as pressing play, and that's what Intellid has to offer.

In short, we can take the complexity out of any system and make it easy for anyone to use.  From simplifying a home theater so that the kids don't need mom and dad to make it work every time, to creating a media-ready classroom that the teacher or professor is unafraid to use, Intellid can make any advanced A/V system practical and simple.

Our Customers

Intellid provides services for residential, educational, and commercial venues seeking automation.  Residential projects focus on integrating home entertainment systems to achieve their fullest potential while minimizing complexity.  Educational and commercial projects seek to create professional multimedia enhanced classrooms, boardrooms, and video-conferencing venues that require minimal to no support staff to operate.